6 Reasons why writing developer blogs should be practised by programmers

When I joined IT sector as a developer, I thought that the way to become a successful developer was by coding all day. With the passing of time I came to realize the importance of developer blogs. Development is a field where knowledge grows not only by coding but also by interacting with other developers throughout the world. To achieve that I started writing blogs based on my works. Eventually this became an easy medium for me to interact with developers from various countries, share my knowledge and gather valuable feedback from them. Lets discuss the things that we can positively benefit from this practice.

1. Best form of sharing knowledge :

There are times when you are coding a complex functionality and suddenly get stuck on a big obstacle. Most of the developers prefer stack-overflow as it provides answers to questions in the shortest possible way. But there are times when you don’t get enough from stack-overflow, and look for a descriptive answer.

This is where a blog finds its importance. Blogging about the issues you face everyday will result in helping someone who faces a similar problem. Every obstacle has a solution and when someone finds it they should make it available for others to avoid the same.

2. Best way to market yourself :

There are many talented individuals in IT development. So why should people consider you as unique? If you want to showcase your knowledge to the crowd, then start writing blogs. Blogs are the best tools to market yourself. Writing tutorials will attract attention from newcomers, as people who are new to the technology face several problems, relying on blogs to find solutions. In other words you get to mentor others. Moreover it speaks more of your knowledge and abilities as a developer than your CV or LinkedIn profile.

3. Improve your writing skills :

There are some individuals who feel that they are not built for writing. I’d tell them to follow a simple trivia. Constantly write blogs and you will gradually become a good writer in time. With every new blog, you will get to learn new things. You can start by taking a look at the book Everybody Writes by Ann Handley.

4. Earn while you write :

For people who like to get paid, blogging can help them earn considerable money. There are some sites like these, that provide money in return for your blog contribution, if it is capable or draws good traffic. So, if you want to earn sitting at home, start blogging today.

5. Will make you more insightful :

Blogging will make you code in a better way assuring human readability and understanding. It also helps develop good coding practices that will quickly become a habit once your blogs are published and you get to know where you’re right or wrong. This is a great form of self-improvement.

6. Appreciation and recognition :

When your blog has genuine content and information, there is 80% chance that it will attract readers. When feedbacks start coming it means somewhere people are reading and finding it worthy, if not great. But do not let this withdraw your attention from the blog and audience. Always try to reply to the feedbacks and comments as soon as possible. This assures the audience that the blog is up to date and the writer actively participates in it.

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar is an iOS developer at Kolkata, who enjoys building innovative applications. Besides he also loves playing football and listening to songs. He loves challenges and sharing his work in open source community. Lots of iOS objective C development work is going on in Innofied. You can reach us at