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Our approach to effective development

  • User-centric & intuitive interface 
  • Subscription management
  • Advanced security
  • Better security with cloud-based solutions 
  • Improved customer experience
  • API Integrations

Innofied has developed our car-sharing software/mobile app solution, from the client-facing mobile apps to the internal management platform. They delivered the first MVP on time and within budget. I wish every software developer were like them.

Frank Kroon

CEO, BeMup, Netherlands

Launch your SaaS with Innofied’s "Product Success Framework"

Developing a SaaS/Subscription based application is not the same as developing just another software product. SaaS development is crucially linked to the business strategies, launch plans, analysis of the market, product, technology, growth and then you create a roadmap.

100+ SaaS products delivered
300+ Transportation & delivery companies, worldwide, are using AllRide Apps, our own flagship SaaS product
100+ On demand businesses embraced OnYou, Innofied’s On-demand SaaS product

Optimize your SaaS: Unlock maximum
performance for seamless user

Performance of a SaaS application is crucial. Following are some best practices we utilize to enhance the performance any SaaS solution we develop:


Optimized Code and Architecture


Scalable design with horizontal scaling strategies to handle increased loads


Caching Mechanisms to reduce server load. 


Leverage CDN to distribute static assets geographically closer to end-users


Database Optimization to improve data retrieval times


Load Balancing to ensure even distribution of workloads 


Asynchronous Processing to allow your application to respond quickly to user requests


Minimize HTTP Requests by optimizing and bundling assets


Performance Monitoring and Profiling to identify performance issues in real-time 

Adaptable industry-specific SaaS solutions

Meticulously designed industry-specific SaaS solutions that align seamlessly with industry requirements and provide optimized efficiency and performance.

  • Healthcare Management System
  • Financial Analytics Platform
  • Legal Practice Management Software
  • Retail Inventory and Point-of-Sale System

Empower your growth with scalable SaaS

Collaboration and Productivity Tools

  • Project Management Software
  • Communication and Messaging Apps

E-Learning and Training Solutions

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Interactive Learning Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Sales and Lead Management
  • Customer Support and Ticketing Systems

Human Resources (HR) and Talent Managemant

  • Human Resource Information System
  • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Systems

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Level, a game-changing smart glasses Fitness App is disrupting silicon valley.

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MS Superstores’ revenue increased by 90% with the launch of InstaExpress, Trinidad’s first Aggregated Multi Vendor Marketplace.

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Online booking process of BidRide saved users time by 50%.

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