Function Documentation in Xcode

Introduction: Thousands of stunning apps are uploaded to iTunes App Store every day. Some of them become extremely popular and receive high number of downloads. However, maintenance of these app projects is critical. Strict and effective coding guidelines can only ensure proper maintenance of a project...

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Add stylish frames to your photos in iPhone

[UPDATES] 1. Support for both retina and non-retina device. 2. Support for higher resolution overlay .png image for  border/frame. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Here I am going to explain how to play with filters in Objective C and add preset stylish borders dynamically to any UIImage.We are going to take an image and...

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Slide navigation with Sencha Touch

[UPDATES] 1. Main panel issues are resolved now. 2. There are multiple viewport files in the development version. Keep only one while creating production or testing build with Sencha. Because Sencha by default includes all the classes of same name in the build. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slide navigation in mobile apps...

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