UI / UX Design

We use RESEARCH, STRATEGY and DESIGN to create engaging user experiences.

Our UX researchers have many ways to get feedback from the people who will actually use your product.


We help you design a great product understanding your user’s intentions.


We research to discover usability improvement and untapped opportunities.


We aim for a clean and gutsy design that makes you product distinguished

Mobile App Design Works

Mobile app design, it’s in our DNA. We are the home to the pixel perfect UI/UX designers where we home smallest user experience design details to make your mobile addicting and engaging. Our user interface design pushes pixels boldly where they have never climbed before. Give your mobile an interactive life and edge over the competitors with our great design skills.

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Augmented Reality

Mobile App Design Works

Web App Design Works

Designing a web app user interface design is a tough task. It needs to have an interface that can implement a ‘one for all’ solution. You need to make sure that it scales properly for different resolutions. Our web app designers have developers web apps for education to entertainment industry with enriching user experience that drives exceptional business revenues.

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Augmented Reality

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Our Design Approach

Setting a plan on how to go ahead with an app design is much more crucial than setting timelines. Having a detailed and structured plan is what the design process encompasses. To design applications, both web and mobile we follow a 5 step process. Our designers and developers along with the Creative Directors brainstorms together, through different situations and comes up with an out-of-the-box solution.

Find Out and Analyze Similar Apps Available in the Market

We analyze a number of similar applications available in the market and list down the good and not-so-good design features of each. Researching existing solution is a must requirement. This will help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competing products before we start work on prototypes.

Brainstorming with Developers to Find Solutions for Technical Limitations

Before designing a complex feature, we prefer to discuss with the development team so that no complexity is faced at the time of development. We follow pixel perfect quality and prefer not to alter a design at the later stage unless absolutely required. We discuss and study multiple case scenarios with Creative director, co-designers and developers before we finalize a design


Knowing the Target Audience

A good User Experience depends on a number of criteria: understanding the demographics, age group of the users, screen sizes, physical constraints etc. Understanding the users of the app or knowing the target audience brings out the best User Experience design. We spent good time in analyzing all these points to make sure that the design become quite self-explanatory for the user.

Sketching and Wireframing

Well, sketching is a rapid, freehand drawing that we do with no intention of its becoming a finished product. In fact, many a time, sketching is only a foundation upon which we can overlay our actual design work. Sometimes a sketch isn't enough and we create wireframes using different tools like Mockflow, Balsamiq etc. and share those with the clients


Beginning the Design Phase

To create final design we use Photoshop or Illustrator by following the wireframe’s theme, color, spacing, alignments and good user experience. Step 4 and Step 5 are iterative where we include the client in the process and get his/her feedback in every step. We use Basecamp to upload every design we create and expect client's feedback on each design. Throughout the design process, the designer takes feedback from multiple other designers and the Creative Director.

Setting a plan on how to go ahead with an app design is much more crucial than setting timelines. Having a detailed and structured plan is what the design process encompasses.
Taleo Coles
Co-Founder, Tidi
quotes The design is perfect. Innofied has done a wonderful job to bring my idea to light even when it was hard to explain what I wanted. They understood me and made it all work out. quotes
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