Is Your Enterprise Mobile App Having the User Friendly Boost? 4 Ways You Can

Enterprise mobile app market is booming. The market size is estimated to grow from $35.10 billion in 2016 to $73.30 billion by 2021.

Last year VMware, MobileIron, IBM and JAMF invested heavily in enterprise mobile apps. The enterprise mobility growth as per Gartner will be at least five times faster than the internal IT organizations can deliver, that too by the end of 2017.

A little more than half of mobile app developers bring in less revenue per month, which put businesses below app poverty line. The reason is that the if you hire mobile app developers they will follow the consumer app gold rush, which came to an end years ago.

It’s time to shift.

Simply eking out revenues through in-app purchases and ads need to replace with user-friendly enterprise mobile app development.

Ojas Rege, VP of Strategy of MobileIron, says that people are willing to pay for applications that deliver value. However, enterprise mobile app development suffers from complexity, specifically when we get down to integrate the enterprise mobile management frameworks. And thus fails!

Further studies also show that some branded apps garner a favorable response in spite of having flaws in the apps. Consumers show a positive response to businesses which have their branded apps.

On the other hand, businesses who ignore to have an enterprise mobile app faces sloppy sales and customer retention.

If a business can only benefit from an enterprise mobile app, then simply putting any feature in the app container is not going to work. You need to hire mobile app developers who will help your enterprise mobile app get a friendly boost and will present with something that users want to use.



1. Is Your Enterprise Mobile App Ready To Make A Great Impression?

No, it’s not just the first impression that counts, you rather need to be quick if you are approaching your customers on apps. Every day, some prospective customers are introduced to your app. And you just have few seconds to create an impression with your interface.

With gusto, the first screen needs to tell how the application works, must push the user to start an interaction and if the user is looking for something in particular, then he or she should get it from the first screen itself.

Without these few things, a user is most likely to leave your app and find a solution anywhere else. When you hire mobile app developers, make sure they confirm a high engagement through an interactive UI/UX design.


2. Those Push Notifications Should Not Bother a Lot

You are a marketer. You need to sell.

And it obvious that your enterprise mobile app will also send push notifications to reach out to target audiences. Your notifications might have text, images, videos or landing page links. But you do not like your customer’s finger to reach the “close button (X)” as soon as a push notification pops-up.

Thus, your notifications might have text, images, videos or landing page links. But you do not like your customer’s finger to reach the “close button (X)” as soon as a push notification pops-up.

So, hire mobile app developers who know the use of localization technologies and user segmentation to help you plan and push notifications as per location, preference and user situations.



3. Personalized Experience is Something That a Customer Counts

Your enterprise mobile app may have robust features and a great UI/UX, but if you are missing out on personalized elements, then you are not going to have the brand-buzz as you want.

Moreover, enterprise mobility is something that is here to stay. By 2020, the enterprise mobility market is going to be worth $140 billion. So if you are not upgrading the experience of your enterprise apps, you are missing a chunk of good revenues.

To make the same tune audible to all ears, you need to have device specific UX elements to delight your audience to let them have the feeling as if the app personally addresses them.

For example, a customized shopping list or last browsed products in a retail enterprise app just steals the attention of your customer and they just dig more into your apps!


4. Localizing Content Makes You Someone More Reliable

No matter how big your retail chain is, if you have a small franchise in an unknown street in the DownTown, an enterprise mobile app can help to have a better reach.

With localized contents and better customer assistance, you win the confidence of your customers. Click To Tweet

Whether you pick on some in-app features or send push notifications, you must address your target market in a specified time and a relevant manner, depending on current user location.

So when you hire mobile app developers make sure to brainstorm the latest features to make your enterprise app more user-friendly to find things locally! 


Your Takeaway

Your business currently needs to look over enterprise mobile app development, just to enrich and extend the audience reach. If you have made a wise decision to develop an enterprise mobile app, take these four features into consideration.

Not only they will give your app a friendly boost but will make sure that you retain users and add some real value to your organization as well.

What’s your opinion? Do you have anything more to add? Are there any more features to make your enterprise app customer friendly?



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