Innofied Buzzed in RISEConf 2016 – A Networking Masterstroke

Swarnendu De June 14, 2016

It has a been a week since the Rise Conference, Hong Kong 2016. What a week eh?

Tired, hungover and incredibly charged up for our second RISEConf, Innofied rocked the session yet another time. Since we attended it last year, until this year we saw remarkable changes in their efforts to bring the startup community closer and get well-bonded. There are very few big Startup events in Asia and RISEConf is one among them.

It has taken much time to catch our breath – what an overwhelming time for the startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts to communicate, exchange ideas, learn from others and usher in networking. And a big win for the Hong Kong startup scene, getting much-needed exposure.

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RISEConf – Smashing Networking Session

We attended RISE Conference in 2015 as ALPHA attendee to launch our Event Management Solution – Buizzconf. And we had a hit session with our product. Superexcited we were, and this excitement was visible this year too! Yes, Innofied had been at RISEConf for the second year. And this time, it was much better than the beginning year.

Just after we rolled in Collision Conference in New Orleans and Rise Conference in Hong Kong completed our networking dose for this year. And just like the previous year, we attended it from the day 1. The first day was all about networking and learning. Our team of four visited ALPHA, BETA, and START exhibition stalls met some amazing startups and out of the box innovators. They have come up with some exceptional innovative solutions in both Software and Hardware space. More than 5000 people across the world took part in RISEConf. From E-commerce to Augmented Reality, Gaming to Education app, an innovation that incorporates real life experience, applications that help the society, RISE had it all!


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How Innofied Made It Big?

May 31 we took the stage, as it is our day to exhibit ourselves. We reached the venue right on time with a lot of anticipation. B 107, that’s right it was the stall of Innofied. The smarties gathered up and was all set to solve the endless query list of the visitors to our stall.

People were eager to know about Innofied, the services we provide, the product we showcased and the industries we serve. We met entrepreneurs, startup company heads, investors, students, working professionals and faced their endless queries. Our in-house products Buizzconf  and Confie (the new event image app, uncurtained at RISEConf 2016) clearly made some buzz amidst other products, we too had people asking about their features and even got investors showing interest.

What Made Innofied Stand Out of the Crowd?

All were showcasing their respective products, but we have one more thing down the bag – and it was Services (UI/UX, Web and Mobile app development, Games development). People took an interest in the services we offer and how we work.There was a huge rush to our stall and we were happy to pitch about what we do again and again.

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It All Ended With a Loud Networking Note

June 1, we learned some thought provoking ideas from the great speakers. We attended some great seminars at Builders, Enterprise, Startup University and Breakthrough Stages. “Explore the future of Co-work” by Jon Buford of Apparatus, Deepak Madnani of Paperclip and had something quite informative for us. Even “Beating big industry at their own game” by Matt Oppenheimer of Remitly was an excellent one and we thoroughly enjoyed his insights. There are more on our list but had to control our emotions and draw a line here.

One last time, Innofied had a great time at RISEConf and returned with an overwhelming experience, we look forward to the next year, RISEConf 2017!