What’s the Success Mantra Behind Developing Apps Like Uber and Lyft?

Swarnendu De September 5, 2016

What’s made taxi services become an instant hit in today’s world? – It’s none other than apps like Uber and Lyft.


Getting late for movies, stuck in a jam, constant taxi refusals, need to be on time for the conference – all gets solved with a few taps on the taxi apps like Uber.

The coming of taxi apps like Uber has given a clear edge to businesses and helping the taxi business owners to show their best and give an edge to the competitors. If you take a quick look at the market, you will find a number of taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, Curb, Hailo, Gett and even our home-grown Ola or Meru are some of the fastest growing taxi hailing businesses. All these brands are offering a similar kind of service. So how they manage to stand among the crowd? How a taxi app development company helps them to build features to grow unique?

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No doubt they all have an impressive success story, but that’s another part of the tale. What we are looking for is the universal recipe for the prosperity, business growth (nothing is sweeter than Moolahs!)



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Which strategy your taxi app developers need to follow to help you rake moolahs from day one?

There are indeed a number of success mantras to write a new story for your apps like Uber and Lyft. But to find the secret sauce you have to dig a little deeper with the right questions. Trust me, an answer to those question will help you find the success mantra develop an app like Uber.

So just hit it.


Q1: What people miss when it comes to develop an app like Uber?

It is great if you accidentally meet up with a genius idea in your mind just the way Uber’s Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp struck with one at the street of Paris on a cold night. However, an idea might not strike everyone. In such an instance it is better to think what modern people needs today when talked about conveyance.

We know the people are spoiled with all sorts of technological innovations, still, we can assure that human desires are endless. They will yet find something in missing, which your competitor apps like Uber and Lyft may not be providing.

Say, someone might not be having ridesharing services – or someone does not provide services over 50 km radius of the city and some cannot afford comfortable riding abilities for sick or ‘Specially-Abled’ people.

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There are also companies who might no have features like female drivers or exclusive corporate carpools. Even there are much more features that a taxi app development company can help you build, which you might not have thought. Think of it! You have so many options to work on!


Q2: How much do you know about the market?

Before you start looking for a taxi app development company, it is important to understand the domain. For Hailo, it was easy to launch the service as they were familiar with the taxi services before they entered the market. But for taxi apps like Uber and Lyft, everything was new they have to understand and analyze the market to bite the largest share of taxi business ROI.

So if you come up with brilliant ideas similar to taxi apps like Uber and Lyft, just hold on! Do not rush to implement the same. You need to look at the market, your competitors, and target consumers. This will help to choose the most successful development strategy. Discuss those with your taxi app developers and build features that will resolve customer problems, will let you stay ahead of the competitors and help you generate ROI similar to taxi apps like Uber.


Q 3: How to make your taxi app stand out in the crowd?

In any case, your taxi apps like Uber and Lyft needs to be unique. You might have products similar to other others but it cannot be the same. Try to take up a survey and ask people what is the difference in service between Ube, Lyft or Ola.

In India, Uber is a little more sophisticated. It is a taxi hailing service for the elite and Ola is more for the common people. Ola is often running cheap rate offers and discounts on every ride, whereas Uber is quite composed with their exclusive offers. (Guess what to survive the competitive terrain of India, Uber also started to come up with cheap rate offers.)

Now taking a quick look on the taxi service market of US, where Lyft is their toughest competitor. Here is a quick survey done by Survey Monkey, which says why Uber is more successful in the market of the US compared to Lyft.






So when you are thinking to build an app like Uber, the first and foremost thing you need to do is a competitor analysis. See what your competitors has already done. What has brought your competitors success, what new things you can do to stand out unique and what things they have not yet resolved to catch the attention of the customer?


Q 4: How much concern you have for your customers?

Remember the fact that every business intends to make their customers happy. Happy customers are the overriding priority for your taxi business. So, constantly study the moods, preferences and the needs of the customers. Set up your product for the users and make it really valuable and worthy for the users itself.

Talk to your taxi app development company, work on the features which can make your taxi apps an instant hit (if you already have a well-settled business). Communicate and brainstorm with taxi app developers in case if you are a startup, see what they resolve to kickstart a new taxi business. Whether you run a settled business or launch a new startup, customer and their needs are your priority.


Q 5: How to be sure that you have the best taxi app development company?

It does not matter how good your idea is if you are not able to implement it, the way you have thought. It is not possible for you to launch a taxi app all alone. You have to hire or build an app like Uber, you need to hire the best taxi app development company. Remember, a reliable and responsible team of taxi app developers are undisputed part of success. You must check all the viable options that you must check before appointing a taxi app development company.

This is one of the secret success mantras that you have to stir well – as only the best team of taxi app developers will help you to hit the road of success with no to fewer hassles. At Innofied, we have set parameters that help startups to entrepreneurs to know if our taxi app development services fit in their container.

And to add the cherry on the cake, Innofied has its own unique taxi app solution (AllRide Apps) that juxtaposes with our amazing development skills to deliver apps like Uber and Lyft.




How to choose the best taxi app development company?

Now let me get into the things that make sure whether you are choosing the right taxi app development company or not. What are those parameters that make sure you are not ripped off by the taxi app developers with false promises?

At Innofied, we provide a comprehensive list of client references to scrutinize us completely. Along with that, we stick to these five parameters to help our customer with better and well defined uber-like taxi app solution.

  • To us, taxi app development is more about delighting our customers, fans, followers. It is an art in itself.
  • The Innofied approach is definitively client focused.
  • Our taxi app developers have clearly defined specialties. They work in total synergy to ensure both technical and aesthetic challenges remain surpassed.
  • We love to look beyond the build
  • Marketing your application, leveraging a long-standing experience, and strategic consultation to put you strides ahead of the competition.


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Get to know how things work in particular for any business whether its new or an established. Your taxi business is no exemption see how the secret sauce to success can help you stand out among the crowd.


What’s Your Take?

To most people success is all about hard luck. But nothing is impossible. In most cases, success is all about hard work and productivity. Success is simple. It’s about doing the right things, in the right way and at the right time!

If you have a smashing taxi app idea, like Uber or Ola, ask these five questions to yourself and then start your hunt for the best taxi app development company. Ensure that you have the best team and best marketing strategy in hand to hit the road!

As you master these tips, launching taxi apps like Uber and Lyft becomes smoother that you would have thought. So if you intend to develop an app like Uber by the second quarter of 2017, start surveying on the customer preferences, a new scope of solving those unsolved traveling issues, do a behavioral study, demographic study and all those possible aspects that trigger better ROI from your taxi business.

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