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  • How To Develop A Healthcare App In 2020: Check Out The 9-Step Guide

    Healthcare costs are increasing across the world. Consumers are struggling to get quality healthcare services even after paying a huge amount of money.  There are three basic reasons why users are not getting the desired healthcare services. Most users often don’t get the information, contact details, or access to the right doctors. In a large […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Fitness App Development

    Technology has brought the world right to our fingertips. We can order everything – from staples to garments to groceries – sitting at our home and getting it delivered to our doorstep. Physical exercise is something that people still like to go outside. But with the ever-growing rise in fitness app development, that is revolutionizing […]

  • Everything You Need to Know Before You Hire Healthcare App Developers

    We’ve talked about how different healthcare app ideas are taken over by startups. And how these apps are making people fitter, more productive and enjoy a happy life. In fact, I’ve composed an article that talks about the top 5 healthcare app ideas in case you want to create your own app. But getting started […]

  • Thank Us Later – 5 Healthcare App Ideas To Copy Right Away

    [vc_row]Updated on Aug 7, 2019 Healthcare is supposed to be a ‘consumer’ product. But till date, it isn’t! Why? TBH, even today, after such technological advancements, healthcare systems keep patients and doctors from connecting. Let’s take the U.S. for example. Though health spendings for the United States, alone accounts for about one-fifth of their GDP, […]

  • Real World Impact Of Internet Of Things Mobile Applications In 2020 + INFOGRAPHIC

    It was just a few days back, I was discussing how the internet of things is bringing exceptional changes in the healthcare sector. Well, with the term IoT dating back as far as 1999, it seems I am quite late to talk about this. So, why am I talking about this now? If you pay […]

  • IoT Healthcare Solution – The SMARTER Way To A BETTER Health Management

    Whether it’s activity tracking for Cancer treatment or reminder to take medicine, IoT, Internet of Things has brought to bear on healthcare. As we are moving towards a world which is more connected than ever, IoT is changing the game for most industries and healthcare is no exception. It will literally take over health in […]