Diwali 2016 @Innofied – Where Creativity Met Ethnicity!

“The sun is gone, but I have a light.” – This was our Diwali 2016 theme at Innofied. We meant to light up every nooks and corner of Innofied as soon as the sun sets.

We all worked together to make “Yeh Diwali, Diya-wali.”

Lamps, diyas, candles, rice bulbs, DIY Diwali lantern and loads of creative lights were there right on the table this Friday. Making it tough for our judges to measure our creativity.


D for Diwali

Wrapped up in the festive mood, yet another celebration knocked the doorstep with colors and pomp and loads of traditional beliefs. It’s none other than Diwali. And as usual Innofied knows how to sprinkle life to every festival, so how Diwali could be left out.

We just decked up our office with rangolis, lights, lamps, paper frills, and candles to give it the perfect Diwali touch.


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The ShowStopper Event

Just like every other year, we had this amazing DIY event at Innofied to mark the celebrations of Diwali. Keeping the essence of the traditional Diwali decoration ideas we made some wonderful lamps, lanterns, and diyas to light up our workstation.

We made 14 teams, with each having four members. All the teams were asked to bring necessary items to prepare their decorative lamps. Papers, gums, scissors, cups, plastic spoons and bowls, rice bulbs, bric-a-brac handicraft, small candles, glitters, pens, and pencils – everything was right there! And soon we went off to make the best Diwali lamps ever.

Take a look at the effort which our team has put forward to make Diwali 2016 the best ever!


Team 1

diwali lantern-2016-disco globe

This team made the “Disco Globe” out of biodegradable paper cups emitting a green color symbolizing Greener Earth. (After all, we love our environment).


Team 2


The most rocking team who depicted a great effort to make “The Jellyfish”, an exclusive hanging Diwali lantern. It was made of paper and straw making it perfect from tip to toe.


Team 3


This innovative bunch did a strong brainstorming and made the “Glowing Marbles” using pebbles, non-working CDs, glue and electric bulbs.


Team 4


This team prepared the “Cheery Chandelier” made out of use-n-throw plastic glasses and electric bulbs, which glowed brightly in the dark.


Team 5


“The Lighthouse” is an out of the box idea. The guys used biodegradable paper cups stacked beautifully to create an array of lights.


Team 6


To add a mystic touch amidst flashing colors and bright lights, this team created “The Purity” using perforated chart papers and candle holders.


Team 7


This team created “Lotus Lamp”, a lamp made of paper quills arranged in a manner to give a shape of lotus mounted on an inverted glass.


Team 8


It’s a DIY hanging Diwali lantern made by these guys who introduced a different design called napkin folds to give the lamp its name “The Swirly”.


Team 9


Origami is something we all love. Guess what these guys has used origami beautifully. They made a unique “Origami Lantern” in just few hours.


Team 10


Harry Potter fans will love the lamp as the team calls it “Illuminosa”. Made of plastic spoons mounted on a cardboard, which made it look awesome.


Team 11


“The Night Sky” is a small magical box made with cardboard and punched paper to symbolize the illuminated sky at Diwali nights.


Team 12


The most energetic and creative bunch of people were a part of this team. And they made not just one but two lamps calling it “The Twin-o-Lantern”.


Team 13


They made a floor lamp that is unique and mystique in its appeal. Made with kite paper and an electric bulb, their lamp is called “The Nightshade”.


Team 14



Using a mason jar, glitters, decorative tit-bits, and paper quill they made “The Fireflies”. This team did show some hard work and utmost creativity.

Phew! The list is long I know, but the hard work has shown results and we surely did some good stuff this time.
Our hard work made Swarnendu (one of our Co-Founder) exclaim on social media,

“Give them a chance to be creative and witness an amazing display of talent. This Diwali we tried creating Paper Lamps…and look what we came up with!”

The Festival of Lights – Sprinkled with Fire Crackers, Light, and Happiness




To end the day with a perfect shot we lighted firecrackers and diyas outside the premises. We enjoyed with firecrackers but keeping the environment in our mind. We call it a day after vouching for a Happy and Safe Diwali!

Looking for another year to roll, next target Diwali 2017!


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