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  • 6 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Make A Food Delivery App like GrubHub

    [vc_row]Updated on Aug 8, 2019 Hungry? Get a pizza delivered in just 30 minutes! I instantly get a solution to my tummy cravings. Millennials like me are unlikely to cook and more towards ordering pizza, burger, pasta or fries from a food joint – binge-watching their favorite show on Netflix. In short, convenience is what […]

  • Complete Guide To The Next Big iOS App For Your Startup

    “The app market is saturated. Chances of monetization is just too low! It’s safer on the WEB.” Ask any startupreneurs about their plan and 3 out of 5 will tell you this. But I am still confused about this ‘saturation’. How is the app ecosystem considered saturated within its 6 years span? Whereas web has […]