Must Have Features For Your Salon App To Boost Your ROI

Swarnendu De November 21, 2017

Updated on Dec 30, 2019

Let’s cut the crap and tell you a straightforward secret- mobile app for salon is always a boon for your business. It simply increases your bookings, gets you more customers, and increases the overall ROI. In addition, your brand value increases.

The global healthcare and beauty industry is a 4.3 trillion dollars industry. It is growing steadily, and with the more consumers using on demand services for their activities, it is showing no signs of slowing down its growth.

In short, a mobile app will not let you miss any opportunity. It’s not only a way to connect to more customers but open up new marketing options. If you have a small salon business, you will be ahead of your competitors.

Beauty Salon App Features For A Highly Functional App

With the right app development services, creating an app is no herculean task. But the right selection of features is hella important. Let’s dive straight into the best beauty salon app features that will define your app and keep your users hooked. 

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1. Smart Mobile Catalogue in Salon Appointment App

Customers love to browse through the catalogues when they are looking for salon booking options. It’s easier for them to check the service directly from their mobiles by eliminating the requirement of a computer. So you can let your customers view with an intuitive mobile version catalogue. Customers can:

  • Book any service through the customer app
  • Browse through different stylist and
  • Pay through secured payment options

2. Appointment Booking – A Crucial Salon App Feature

Bust millennials these days have the knack to get everything on demand – be it food or salon services. So if you let your users book a relaxing salon service right from the top menu of your app, you are good to go. Getting instant appointment booking option is one of the best beauty salon app features. In addition, you can get:

  • One tap appointment booking option
  • Email notifications for the bookings to both user and owner
  • Payment on booking

beauty salon app features

3. In-App Offers & Loyalties

Treating loyal customers with the best offers is what can bring you repeat customers. If you ace your service quality and spoil your customer with choices, they will choose your salon over other popular salons. With this feature you get:

  • Easy to use salon special offer navigation
  • Offer in-app discounts and coupons
  • Synchronised offers with live servers
  • QR code scan to avail coupons

4. Service Price Listing

Being transparent with your service pricing is important. Every salon customer compares the service pricing with other salons. Show off your services and products with the exact pricing details. Make the feature more attractive by:

  • Designing unlimited menus, services, and categories
  • Service with images and other attributes
  • Giving variations and combo packages

5. Photo Library of Services

Keeping a photo gallery section is the easiest way to showcase your services. Just put a section in the navigation menu to keep your service images and videos. Keep options to:

  • Display beautiful images
  • Service videos
  • Image share option
  • Previous and next navigation

salon app features

6. Client Management for Salons

Want to deliver an unforgettable service to your customer? Use personalized client management feature in your beauty salon app. Save the previous appointment notes, communicate with your client with personalized messages and push notifications and store their previous purchase history.

7. Payroll Management for employees

Don’t bother about payroll for your employees anymore! With your salon admin panel, set up the easy way to integrate your employee salary, right on time. In time of bonuses and commissions, ask the beauty salon app development company to set the commissioned scale just like you want it. You can streamline your salon management with us.

8. User Login

As the first screen of your beauty salon app, try to make this stage as easy as possible for your users. Give them the option of one click social media login or manual registration through email and password. So, to sum up, this feature must contain either of these:

  • Email and password
  • Social media

9. New User Signup

Get more customers for your mobile apps through new registrations, and this feature will contain:

  • Registration using user details

salon app features

10. Salon Details

  • Types of services offered
  • Cost of services
  • Time taken to service completion

11. Salon Cart

  • Service type breakdown
  • Add or remove salon services
  • Checkout

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12. Save Favorites

  • Display favorite services
  • Add or remove services from favorites

13. Upcoming Bookings

  • Display list of upcoming bookings
  • Cancel a booking
  • Get details of the booking like service, date, special requests.

14. Booking History

  • Profile
  • Update profile

15. Push Notification

  • Get updates on bookings, payments, and cancellations

Let’s find out the utmost important features of salon owner app.

Salon owner must be able to see the details of service requests in a list- submitted by users. They can assign a free stylist with the service request from the customer. In addition to that, they can check the previous service and details.

16. Owner Login

Similar to any other login screens, this too will have an option for social media login apart let users enter their details manually.

17. Upcoming Bookings

  • View bookings and assign it to the available stylists
  • Cancel or accept bookings

18. Booking History

  • The owner can see past bookings, review given by the user.
  • All details of the previous bookings, like time, date, services bought can be accessed from here.

19. Revenue Collection

  • The owner can check the revenue generated from all the bookings.
  • We can integrate an automatic revenue generation analytics for the admin and owner app.

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20. Owner Profile

The owner can edit his/her information in this feature and will also include the following:

  • Change password
  • Change phone number
  • Edit services offered – add or remove it.

Beauty Salon App Features For Men’s Grooming

According to Statista, the male grooming industry is estimated to be worth around 81.2 billion dollars by the end of 2024. And given the market share the on demand industry is grabbing, it is safe to assume that the future will consist of a larger digital platform based services compared to non digitised ones. On demand grooming apps for men is a solution for the ever growing market and while the app features remain more or less same for both genders, here are some additional must have features in the male grooming app.

     1. Augmented Reality

How will a french beard look on someone? Or a goatee? Maybe a mohawk? 

Most users want to know how a haircut or shave will look on them before actually opting for it.  

Augmented reality is a smart technology used by popular apps like Instagram or Snapchat that allows users to capture creative images of themselves with a filter of their choice. 

A salon app will be incomplete without this feature as one common pain point of users are not knowing what haircut or shave would look good on them. You can also integrate a features that suggests a look in keeping with their facial cut or features.

     2. Type Of Service

Male grooming services differ from its female counterparts, which means a different listing for the male grooming service app. The option should ideally be right on the home screen for easy selection of the category of service the user wants. 

     3. Specialised Waxing Or Grooming

Men’s grooming services needs are different from female, and a male salon app should cater to services like ear or nostril hair removal, chest waxing and so on. Men’s grooming services in most salons also include messages to relieve muscles from pain and strain.

Why Should You Develop Salon App Across All Devices?

In the smartphone-driven age, you must be ready for users with diverse mobile options. You should build apps for Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. For a detailed salon management, there can be an option for website or web apps. With features like book Anywhere and powerful reporting, your salon management is good to go.

If you have been struggling to find the right development partner, you are not alone. But as a startup ourselves, we understand the struggle of other startups as well. Which is why, we take special care to make sure that all your needs are met without any hassle.

If you are looking to create a salon app, we can help you with the features apart from complete design and development. Do let us know if you need any help, or get a callback from us to discuss your requirements.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on Nov 21, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.