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  • The Possibilities Of Smart Home Automation Solution For Businesses

    Ever thought of living in a house where you came back from work and unlocked your door with your smartphone? Once you get inside, the lights get turned on automatically and probably you get to hear your favorite playlist through your speakers! You send out a voice command to control- your room temperature, lights, TV, […]

  • Stuck With Wearable Technology? Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

    Wearable technology has gone beyond fancy prototypes, fit bands and wrist watches – it’s a self-evolving category. You can now have your GPS integrated ‘smart shoes’ to help you navigate while you are trekking, running or just roaming around. Take the example of LECHAL – a next level initiative for the die-hard trekkers to walk […]

  • Google Fi – Will It Be the Future of Wireless Communication?

    Google Fi is finally live! The wireless service from Google which is considerably cheaper compared to the major carrier cellular offerings. This major side gig has become the MVNO to some of the carriers.  Google’s long-rumored program to provide fast and easy cellular service directly to phones works by combining access to both T-Mobile and […]

  • 16 New Year Resolutions to Welcome 2016 in Innofied

    Happy New Year! The sun of 2016 has touched the edge and we just turned the page of 2015 to begin a new chapter. And Innofied is up with a new zeal to kick off with a bang. We would like a few moments from our readers to reflect our past year and share some […]

  • Top 5 Reasons why you should start smartwatch app development right now!

      Is smartwatch app development a good idea? A common question that regularly throws app developers and companies into a loop. The last time a similar query rose was when mobile apps started infiltrating the market and yet, look how far we’ve travelled from there. All was not smooth sails though and the journey towards creating a […]