Why On-Demand Mechanic App Development Is The Need Of The Hour?

Swarnendu De March 5, 2021

Technology has made us so dependent that we started to rely on an online solution for each and every problem. Every industry has come up with mobile applications and so the vehicle maintenance services. With digitization, the garage owners have also started to upgrade their business level with on-demand mechanic app development to help the customers. On the other hand, the garage owners who are continuing their business with a traditional approach wait for the customers to approach them.

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The demand for a mechanic is ever-growing for vehicle owners. But the business that can offer maximum comfort to their customers can win the competition. Digitization in every field has made customers bound to mechanic app development services. In fact, many vehicle manufacturers and garage owners are approaching the service providers for building car repair apps for personifying their business and earning profits. This blog is a comprehensive guide on how to develop an on-demand mechanic app for your business.

But before we delve into the nitty-gritty of developing an advanced on-demand mechanic app, you should have knowledge of the on-demand economy.

on-demand mechanic app development

The On-Demand Economy

The on-demand apps play a huge role in the future growth of every business. Want a cab? Uber or Lyft will help you in getting one within 10 minutes. Craving for evening snacks but cannot go outside of your house? Sit back and relax, UberEats will help you. 

Similarly, every vehicle owner has requested repair and maintenance services. So if you think that an Uber-like mechanic app is the one that a large number of vehicle owners would love to download, you are absolutely right.

What we are willing to say is that the on-demand services industry is witnessing sky-touching growth right now, that it is going to turn one of the largest sectors of the global markets in a few years.

Why On-Demand Mechanic App Is A Big Thing?

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Although many car service providers built their own apps nothing can beat the capability of the on-demand mechanic app that hosts multiple service providers. In such applications, numerous service providers register their businesses and start offering versatile auto repair services. This way you have greater scope to attract traffic and thereby increases the customer base.

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Not only you will be getting the lucrative sales benefits, but you can also get various other benefits of having an on-demand mechanic app. Here I have mentioned a few benefits that you need to know:

Creates Online Visibility

The mobile apps are the greatest way of connecting to people because it provides users with a new direction to search. For instance, smartphone users regularly visit the android store or Apple app store for iOS for gathering the collection of services or data they are in search of instead of finding physically. Thus, if your business has an application, it will help you in appearing in market search. This specifically creates leads to attracting new consumers to your garage business.

Provides Ultimate Comfort To The Users

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Vehicle owners can instantly book a  garage service simply by sitting on their sofa with just one click. They will do this by downloading the app, submit the details of the vehicle and finally select their desired service. The garage owner on the other hand will send his mechanic for the service assistance.

Ease Of Finding The Garage Service Location

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the vehicle owners after getting stuck in the middle of the highway due to the vehicle breakdown. It turns even more challenging to find the nearest garage repair shop for the rescue. In such cases, an on-demand mechanic app can act as a boon. The app will help the driver to easily book a mechanic service and find an expert anytime.

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Paperless Shop Management

These days we can digitize each and every operation online. Here you can enter the details of your vehicle, insurance details, etc. Moreover, all the information is stored in the app. Gone are the days when people used to maintain an offline logbook. Integrating notification features will let you remind the due service date of the customer. This way you don’t even have to put effort to note down the required services in a logbook. A mechanic app will help your business in such a way that all your business operations will become handy and comfortable.

paperless payment

Expand Business Opportunities

As we have already mentioned above, an on-demand mechanic app will allow you to reach out to more customers and increase the number of sales. By integrating unique functions and joining hands with reputed garage service providers, you can enter the market with an innovative mechanic service solution. This way you will easily be able to increase the customer base, thereby getting a scope to expand your business.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Building The On-Demand Mechanic App

Here we would like to point out a few things before you go for on-demand mechanic app development:

Seamless Payment Modes

The main reason to build an on-demand mechanic application is to ensure that the customers get a seamless experience. Thus you need to integrate all the required payment gateways keeping in mind the security of the users. Customers will get attracted to the app if they make the purchase in one shot instead of juggling between the screens.

Keep Affordable Price

You have to be well prepared in front of your competitors as there is a huge rush into the game of on-demand. So here we would highly advise you to keep the affordable price range. Based on the upfront cost of the app development and maintenance, decide the prices of the services that you want to offer to your customers. Never ever charge higher prices for the garage services or else you will end up losing your potential customers. This is because customers compare the prices from different marketplaces and then make the final decision. Thus make sure to keep attractive prices instead of making profits.

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Comfort Of The Service Providers Is The Key

The on-demand mechanic app offers ultimate comfort both for the customers as well as the service provider. So you need to keep in mind the service provider’s journey while developing the application. Your app should provide seamless onboarding and is equipped with all the important features along with transparency.

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Must-Have Intuitive Design

One of the biggest reasons for the success of any on-demand app is its design. If your app is not engaging enough, your users will not stick to it. So, make sure that you hire an excellent team of designers in-house who can create intuitive as well as unique designs. A good design plays a huge role to retain customers.

Key Features Of An On-Demand Mechanic App

If you are planning to go for on-demand mechanic app development then your application should have four panels namely:

  • Customer Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Mechanic Panel
  • Garage Manager Panel

Customer Panel

mechanic app customer panel

This app allows the customers to explore all the necessary vehicle repair services provided by the garage service providers. Here are its key features:

Account Login And Registration

The customers can easily log in to the app after creating the account. For this, they have to provide their name, email id, and contact details. However, they can even log in through their social media accounts.

Tutorial And Onboarding Screens

Tutorial and onboarding screens offer a different set of comprehensive and step-by-step instruction screens for accessing the application. This option allows customers to learn how to use the app.

Easy Service Scheduling


Now the customers don’t have to wait for a particular date to book an appointment. Through this feature, they can easily schedule the arrival time of the mechanic anytime anywhere.

Cost Calculator

This option allows the customers to calculate the rate charged by a specific mechanic. It also helps the customers to make wise decisions.

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Real-Time Tracking

The real-time mechanic tracking tool lets the customers track the real-time location of the mechanic until he arrives at the customer’s location.

real-time tracking

Pop Up Notifications

The pop-up notifications provide a real-time update to the customers. Certain updates such as special discounts, services, or offerings are offered by the admin.

Mechanic Search Filter

Here the customers can search for the mechanic as well as services by applying different search filters according to their requirement and location.

Discounts And Offers

The users can also take the advantage of several offers and discounts offered by the mechanic.

Invoice Generator

The customers can get the digital invoice that is generated by the mechanic through this feature.

In-App Chat

The in-app chat and calling feature helps the customers to stay updated about the current location of the mechanic.

Ratings And Review

The customers can also rate the services of the mechanic and share their experience in the form of a review. Feedback will boost the confidence of the mechanic.

on-demand mechanic app

Admin Panel

This panel is managed by the admin and here are its features:

Customer And Mechanic Management

This feature lets the admin manage the entire data of customers and mechanics along with the unique id provided to them. The admin can record the mechanic’s attendance, salary, and different payment details here.

Multiple Garage Management

ondemand mechanic app

The admin can also manage the record of all the garages situated in different locations at a single panel. He can add and delete any of these garages available in this listing.

Mechanic’s List And Cost Management

The garage managers can view, add, delete and update the information of the mechanic from this listing. Not only this but they can also see the cost charged by the mechanic from the customers.

Real-Time Order And Field Tracking Management

Real-time order and field tracking management help the admin to track the current location of all the mechanics just by entering their name. This way you can view the recent activities of the management.


Gallery Management

The admin can attract the attention of the users by uploading beautiful pictures that are relevant to the services with the title as well as a short description.

Multiple Payment Gateway

The admin can get the payment through multiple payment gateways from the customers. You can integrate different payment modes such as net banking, debit card, credit card, UPI, or Stripe.

Ratings And Review

Admin has full access to view the ratings and reviews given by the customers to the mechanics. He can also reply to each and every feedback given by the users instantly.

Mechanic Panel

This app is operated by the mechanic to reach out to the customers. Following are its features:

Service Status Updation Tool

mechanic app development

In this panel, the mechanics can get the service request notification either from the manager or from the customers on their phones. They can update their status as the request received, processing, and service delivered.

Profile Management

The mechanic can create their profile in this app through their email id or social media accounts. There are various options where they can upload their images and add their service experience.

Customer Location Tracker

Integrating the Google maps in this tool allows the mechanic to view the exact location of the customers.

Help And Support Panel

In this option, the mechanic can submit their query and complaint in case they face any issue while the vehicle repair service.

Garage Manager App

garage manager app

This app provides an edge to the vehicle repair store to organize, estimate, and help the vehicle repair done faster, Following are its features

Manage Staff

Garage managers need to manage all the staff, employees, and managers engaged with their business. This option allows them to store the data of their daily wages, attendance, or expenses.

Manage Mechanics List And Cost

on-demand mechanic app development

The garage managers can add, view, update or delete any information of the mechanic from this listing. They can even view the cost charged by each and every mechanic.

Real-Time Mechanic Tracker

The garage managers can easily track the real-time location of the mechanic by integrating Google maps. This panel can even suggest a shorter way to reach the location faster.

Customer Management

Garage Managers can view the customer details who are already connected with your business through this app. This way they can resolve their problems instantly.


car mechanic reporting

This option allows the garage managers to access detailed reports that include relevant information about the business. Not only this but it also gives an in-depth view of the current scenario which helps the garage managers to make future decisions.

Inventory Management

The garage managers can easily view the number of vehicles repaired and the revenue earned by each mechanic. This helps them to identify the estimated business growth.

Sales, Market, and Customer Analytics

The analytics section provides detailed analytics of daily, weekly, and monthly revenue earnings. Through this, they can learn the real-time view of the market.

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Help And Support

The garage managers can contact customers and mechanics through in-app messaging and calling. 

On-Demand Mechanic App: Cost Estimation 

It is very burdensome to go for on-demand mechanic app development as you have to research a lot before you dive into the ocean of app markets. You can either do the research on your own or by taking the help of an app development agency. Apart from investing your valuable time, you also need to invest an upfront cost while developing the application.

mechanic app development cost

It is not that easy to find out the estimated cost of the app development. There are various reasons which play a role in deciding the overall cost. Following are those factors:

  • App experience
  • Uniqueness and design of the app
  • Features and functions integration
  • Current location of the app development agency
  • Platform
  • Total years of experience of the service provider
  • Tech stack

For instance, if you are planning to hire an on-demand mechanic app developer for your business, they can charge on an hourly basis which varies from developer to developer and location. The entire project is expected to get finished within a few months.

Tech Stack Required For On-Demand Mechanic App Development

mechanic app tech stack

Here is the list of tech stack required to build an amazing on-demand mechanic app.

    • Cloud Environment: Google, Aws, Azure
  • Payment: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Netbanking, EWallets
  • GPS Tracking: The company can use the Core Location Framework from Google  Location API for Android and iOS.
  • Real Direction Tracking: MapKit for Apple and Google Maps API for Android.
    • The registration process can be completed by the Facebook SDK login system or through any social media login.
  • Data Backup: Cloud Front and Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Storage: Amazon Cloud Storage as well as auto-scaling web servers
  • Analytics and Performance Comparison: Google Analytics or Mix Panel

What Team Structure Would Be Needed?

on-demand mechanic app

The only thing which makes a good impression of the on-demand mechanic app development is the clean and sleek user interface. That is the reason why you need to hire an experienced UI/UX designer. Apart from this, a team of two Android developers, two backend developers, and two iOS developers are sufficient for an advanced mechanic app. Hiring a team of quality and testing assurance professionals is a necessity rather than a choice.

  • UI/UX Developers
  • Project 
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • QA Team
  • Backend Developers
  • Delivery Manager

Winding Up

Building an on-demand mechanic app will ensure that you have great business great with comfort. The app will let you cover a wide range of niches by making sure the convenience of the customers. If you are planning to enter into this world of on-demand, you need to understand the functions of this mechanic app. You can get in touch with an on-demand mobile app development company like Innofied to get a clear idea of how to start with your ondemand mechanic app development. Our team has hands-on experience in building an on-demand mechanic app with flair.