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  • OnDemand Pest Control App Development: A Complete Guide

    It can be your health or your belongings, pests can ruin your peace anywhere it attacks. Although it sounds very dangerous, it still appears a trivial chore as compared to your daily work and life liabilities. Our life nowadays has gone addictive towards technology-based solutions and hence seeks fast methods to address all needs and […]

  • Get Your Hands On The Complete On-Demand Fitness Coach App Development Guide

    If you are fit, you are healthy, but vice versa is not always true. Fitness can be maintained by following a fixed regime. It is not surprising that people are relying more on fitness coach apps that have made the startupreneurs invest in the Fitness Coach App Development. As per recent stats, the second quarter […]

  • On-Demand Plumber App Development: Complete Guide

    A leaky cistern, choking drain, or stoppage of the jet spray is a pain in the neck. The pain becomes more intense when such happens at odd hours. Due to such reasons, users search for plumbing services on the internet or Uber-like on-demand plumber apps.  If you are a plumbing business looking for success and […]

  • Wondering How To Measure App Success? Focus More On Real-Time Features

    As a developer and owner of any app, you might often wonder the most staggering question – how to measure app success once it is up and running. And most importantly, which features of my app are doing the good work they are intended for? In the following article, you will find out the answer […]

  • How To Promote Your App With Tumblr And Reddit Marketing Strategies?

    When it comes to app promotion, platforms like Reddit and Tumblr are not the names that immediately come to the mind. Granted, they are not the traditional social media platforms used by businesses for promotion. For instance, smart entrepreneurs are now promoting their apps through Tumblr and Reddit marketing strategies and making it big in […]

  • Complete Checklist For App Store Optimization In Play Store

    This article is for anyone who owns an app which has failed to attract the target number of users due to lack of optimization in play store, resulting in fewer downloads.  The year 2008 changed the way humans interact with their phones and businesses were being conducted with the launch of the android app store […]

  • Your Guide To The Uber For Medical Cannabis Industry

    Medical Marijuana – Why All The Fuss Lately? Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis recently got the entire nation of the United States into a heated discussion regarding the laws surrounding it. Politicians, news anchors, university students were discussing why cannabis should be made legal, or why it should not be.  But no matter which side […]

  • The Secret Of Creating A Remarkable Medical Marijuana Delivery App [FREE eBook]

    This decade saw the rise of a trend across the United States that took the country by storm and gave rise to a number of startups opportunities. This trend – the legalization of medical cannabis; started with the state of California in 1996, with 33 states making it legal it to this day.  Several entrepreneurs […]

  • Have An App Idea? What’s Next?

    The Times, They Are A Changing…. Mobile applications are not just impacting the way you carry out day to day activities, but created a demand in the business and startup world unimaginable yet expected. Most service providers have made their presence felt through an online platform be it an app or website. Many app startups […]

  • 10 Things To Know Before Starting An Uber For Laundry Service

    Updated on Aug 19, 2019 After a long tiring day, all you need is a cup of coffee and your favorite snacks by your side, along with resting your back on the couch. Of course, this would only be achieved if there is no pile of clothes stuffed inside your bathroom bucket. Washing clothes could […]