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Is It Tough for Startups to Hire Mobile App Developer?

So you have just launched an unbelievable app idea and raised possible funds to bootstrap your business? Does that end all your hassles? Have you sorted your mobile app development partner? Do you now how to hire one?


Setting up a startup business is not so easy. Though you have the capital in hand, it is limited. But you have to manage your accounts with all might to ensure that your product does not lose a mark.

With so limited funds it is just not possible to assess where to invest, how to invest, what can help you to market the product with least investment and BLAH, BLAH… And the biggest headache which bowls every startup is to hire mobile app developer.
hire mobile app developer


It is a competitive market. Every new day a startup is springing to business. And what startups look for is the best resource to develop a mobile app. Freelance to best mobile app development company whoever you may hire, how could you know they are going to deliver the best-in-class solutions.

Can they guarantee top-notch quality services? Even if you hire best mobile app development company who have built scalable, potential and popular apps – we bet that you cannot hire them. Since their charges are too high, and you have to look for some startup app development company.

And if you prepare the list of startup app development companies- hunting to hire mobile app developer among them seems like finding a needle in a haystack. But you know, you can dissolve this complex situation if you remember a few points in mind.

Let’s have a quick discussion.


1. Ask Feedback From People Who Already Hired Someone to Develop a Mobile App

Earlier you have considered feedback from other people who have hired best mobile app development company for their products or had opt to hire mobile app developer for their business needs. But now you should ask for professionals of other business. Well, this is one fo the best way. Go for their reviews as it may be helpful.

You can also check the mobile app review which the startup app development company have prepared for their ex-clients. You can easily locate those reviews on the Google Play and iTunes.

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Well, I just remembered an instance, where we got a chance to work with one such promising startup who came to Innofied after seeking feedbacks from people and checking the review of the app we developed.


2. Consider the Developer’s Experience Before You Hire

Say if you want to develop a mobile app for iPhone users, you need to hire mobile app developer with a minimum of 6 years of experience. It is important to work with a developer who has extensive knowledge in iPhone app development. It is better you sit for an interview with the developer whether he or she is a freelancer or you outsource it to some best mobile app development company. Ask everything that comes to your concern. Since asking relevant questions help you to take the right decision.


mobile app developer


3. Must Peep Into The Website & Client Testimonials

When you hire mobile app developer, you must peep into the website of the startup app development company. Check the Client Testimonials page and find out the reviews posted by the client company. Check their previous and recent works as these things will give you a complete idea about the developer and the startup mobile app development company.

At Innofied, we are very particular about keeping our bag of portfolio refreshed after every project is released from the pipeline. And make sure that we put the satisfactory comment of the concerned client against it.



Take a Note of Their Payment Method

Do not choose such a startup app development company who do not have a proper payment structure. After all, you want your startup to make money! And sticking yourself in a creepy payment structure might ruin your business. So ignore them who wants you to make payment at one time. Hire mobile app developer or a company, who have multiple engagement models may be paying in installments or have a time and material models. Find such companies who knows what it takes to be a startup.


hire mobile app developer seeing the pricing model
At Innofied, we have brought forward a number of options for the startups to engage. We will like you to choose an option that is convenient for you. We know that you are bootstrapped and have a shoestring budget, but we know how to make the best out of it. So we have three different pricing model to help you adjust as per the budget after you hire mobile app developer for your next development.


Are They Providing You with Relevant App Testing Solutions?

When you look for mobile app development whether in an agency or with freelancing people, make sure that they deliver you the app after relevant testing. Make sure that they have fixed the bugs before delivering. If they don’t have a team, simply move out. Since a bug-free app is what you clients would demand. You don’t want to see an app with zero downloads, just because it is buggy.


hire mobile app developer who can test your app


What’ Your Take?

For startups, mobile app development is not something impossible. They just need to move on the right track. And to find the right path make sure to keep these few points in your mind. These points are something which almost every startup should consider before taking a hell ride. What else do you think a startup need to focus when they hire mobile app developer? What are the things that a best mobile app development company must offer to reduce the hassles of a startup?

We like to hear a comment from you on this note. Drop a comment below.


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