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  • Flutter v/s Native: Will Flutter Replace Native Android App Development?

    Google owns both Android and Flutter. While Android is meant for native app development, Flutter is used for cross-platform mobile app development.  Though Android Inc started Android application development, Google bought it in 2005. Google came up with the concept of Flutter just a few years back when they were conceptualizing their upcoming revolutionary Fuchsia […]

  • Complete Checklist For App Store Optimization In Play Store

    This article is for anyone who owns an app which has failed to attract the target number of users due to lack of optimization in play store, resulting in fewer downloads.  The year 2008 changed the way humans interact with their phones and businesses were being conducted with the launch of the android app store […]

  • How To Launch MVP For Your Mobile App Cost Effectively

    You have a brilliant idea in mind and wish to convert it into a business plan that will earn you revenues. You spend hours of research to launch it in a cost-effective way and that’s when you come across the term MVP. You are not the first person to wonder what the hell this MVP […]

  • Did Your App Fail? Here Are 6 Possible Reasons

    Did you spend a lot of time, money, energy to create a great app, launched it, got some downloads, got some paid users (or not), and after 6 months or a year, you see the app is going nowhere? Did you wound up wishing someone would buy your startup? With over 2 million apps in […]

  • React Native: Top 10 Best Practices We Follow at Innofied

    Updated on ‘Aug 16, 2019’ “Change is the only Constant”. Well, this quote fits really well in the world of mobile app development. No wonder why there is a buzz for new technologies every now and then. Developers are looking for technologies that has a quick deployment time, shorter development cycles, and deliver better app […]

  • Thank Us Later – 5 Healthcare App Ideas To Copy Right Away

    [vc_row]Updated on Aug 7, 2019 Healthcare is supposed to be a ‘consumer’ product. But till date, it isn’t! Why? TBH, even today, after such technological advancements, healthcare systems keep patients and doctors from connecting. Let’s take the U.S. for example. Though health spendings for the United States, alone accounts for about one-fifth of their GDP, […]

  • How Android App Developers Help To Monetize Mobile Apps?

    An app can be an excellent way for businesses to connect with customers. It provides many benefits associated with a web experience. But creates an additional value through a personal connection established via a mobile screen. At the end of 2017, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store was 3.5 million. Since […]

  • A Complete Android App Development Services Guide for Startups

    A startup begins with an idea that solves a major problem of the human life, making things easier. As a startup, you always try to bring an innovative solution to a problem which was never addressed before. Right? For that, you might choose any platform a web or a mobile. But as most startups love […]

  • 22 Questions To Answer Before Building an App & Stop Feeling ‘Screwed’

    Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur – your business definitely needs a mobile app. So it is obvious to browse those popular listicles and find the one who can be your technical co-founder, right? That’s something in general. It’s a beginner’s step for building an app. An idea comes, you make it listen to someone close […]

  • Ready With Your Food Delivery App Plan? Let’s Shortlist The Features!

    Not a long ago, we discussed the two major food delivery models – food delivery aggregators and delivery service with a logistics support. While the aggregator model does not provide the resources needed to deliver meals, the later has the logistics to support deliveries. The features for both the delivery app model will be kind […]