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  • Payment Gateway Integration In Apps – What You Need To Know

    We are moving towards a cashless future, away from the hassles of a kind of transaction which involves complications like storage issues, overhead costs, slower checkout process. Undoubtedly, ecommerce and on demand industries are the major markets that benefited massively. Instant transactions with the help of wallets and other forms of payment gateway integration changed […]

  • Thank Us Later – 5 Healthcare App Ideas To Copy Right Away

    [vc_row]Updated on Aug 7, 2019 Healthcare is supposed to be a ‘consumer’ product. But till date, it isn’t! Why? TBH, even today, after such technological advancements, healthcare systems keep patients and doctors from connecting. Let’s take the U.S. for example. Though health spendings for the United States, alone accounts for about one-fifth of their GDP, […]

  • Must Have Features For Your Salon App To Boost Your ROI

    Updated on Dec 30, 2019 Let’s cut the crap and tell you a straightforward secret- mobile app for salon is always a boon for your business. It simply increases your bookings, gets you more customers, and increases the overall ROI. In addition, your brand value increases. The global healthcare and beauty industry is a 4.3 […]

  • Hire Enterprise App Developers to Give Your Apps a Friendly Boost

    Enterprise mobile app market is booming. The market size is estimated to grow from $35.10 billion in 2016 to $73.30 billion by 2021. Last year VMware, MobileIron, IBM, and JAMF invested heavily in enterprise mobile apps. The enterprise mobility growth as per Gartner will be at least five times faster than the internal IT organizations […]

  • 5 Ways Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies Offer Better Care

    Updated on SEP 8, 2017 Need to rush an elder at home during a minor heart attack, though panic-stricken, a smartphone saves your day – Thanks to those countless healthcare mobile app development companies. A click on an Emergency Ambulance App and in few minutes’ a medical van arrives at your door. You arrive at […]

  • Does Startups Bother to Know These tips While Building Ecommerce App Designs?

    What makes you download Etsy app on your mobile rather than any other shopping app? The answer is simple. Etsy is having a cool look, one of the best ecommerce app designs and amazing navigation. We just love to use it! So if you have this innovative e-commerce idea, already bootstrapped or have the required cash […]

  • What’s the Success Mantra Behind Developing Apps Like Uber and Lyft?

    What’s made taxi services become an instant hit in today’s world? – It’s none other than apps like Uber and Lyft.   Getting late for movies, stuck in a jam, constant taxi refusals, need to be on time for the conference – all gets solved with a few taps on the taxi apps like Uber. The […]

  • Where is Responsive Web Design Headed?

    When Ethan Marcotte wrote a piece about responsive web design in A List Apart on May 25, 2010, it changed how websites were built, forever. Web designers and developers across the world consumed his article voraciously. Design patterns were evolved. New standards were introduced such as the <picture> element. And as a result, website designers […]

  • 16 New Year Resolutions to Welcome 2016 in Innofied

    Happy New Year! The sun of 2016 has touched the edge and we just turned the page of 2015 to begin a new chapter. And Innofied is up with a new zeal to kick off with a bang. We would like a few moments from our readers to reflect our past year and share some […]