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  • Wondering How To Measure App Success? Focus More On Real-Time Features

    As a developer and owner of any app, you might often wonder the most staggering question – how to measure app success once it is up and running. And most importantly, which features of my app are doing the good work they are intended for? In the following article, you will find out the answer […]

  • How To Promote Your App With Tumblr And Reddit Marketing Strategies?

    When it comes to app promotion, platforms like Reddit and Tumblr are not the names that immediately come to the mind. Granted, they are not the traditional social media platforms used by businesses for promotion. For instance, smart entrepreneurs are now promoting their apps through Tumblr and Reddit marketing strategies and making it big in […]

  • Pinterest App Promotion: 5 Tips And Tricks To Follow

    A lot of people underestimate Pinterest as a website and refuse to believe that it can contribute much to business promotions. It is a false notion. Pinterest app promotion can do wonders if utilized judiciously and effectively. Being basically a search engine, Pinterest can do wonders for you and your business app if you are […]

  • Promote Your App Through Top Linkedin Marketing Strategies

    You drop the word ‘LinkedIn’ in any conversation around social media, and you can get two types of responses depending on the group you are with. If they are high-end corporates, you will get solemn nods. But if you are with young millennial people or Gen Z, what you will get can only be called […]

  • 9 Powerful Strategies Of Twitter App Marketing

    Wracking your brains hard enough to think about the best strategies of Twitter app marketing? Well then, leave all your worries behind and go for these quick hacks that would prove to be the best to bag the viewers’ attention for your app.  You may be wondering why twitter would be an amazing place to […]

  • Market Research For Startups: The Ultimate Way To Success

    For a startup, initial traction is crucial. It opens the door to more investment and growth opportunities. This initial traction is dependent on the product-market fit. If your product provides a solution to target customer’s problems, they would flock around you just to give the product a try.   To achieve that ideal product-market fit ( and […]

  • 6 PR Campaign Strategies For Successful App Marketing

    Today’s world runs on good first impressions. It is extremely important for a product or service to be marketed in the right way to garner a favorable public opinion. Top companies around the world like Starbucks and Nike have successfully used creative PR campaign strategies to project their brand image in an attractive manner. In […]

  • Promote App On Social Media With These Top 10 Platforms

    Social media is one of the top buzzing places for both entertainment and business. It’s not just about the millennials who are hooked into their smartphones; but people from all the age-group are now it’s addicts. Smart entrepreneurs are now leveraging various platforms to promote app on social media. Let me tell you a story […]

  • 6 Hacks Of Achieving The 1 M App Download Feat

    According to Sensortower, the iOS app store and Google Play generated over $39.7 billion revenue for the businesses in the first half of 2019 alone– that’s 15.4% increment. As consumers continue their spending,  more and more businesses are getting their apps. Each day, according to Statista, 6140 new apps are added to the play store.  […]

  • Your Guide To The Uber For Medical Cannabis Industry

    Medical Marijuana – Why All The Fuss Lately? Medical marijuana, or medical cannabis recently got the entire nation of the United States into a heated discussion regarding the laws surrounding it. Politicians, news anchors, university students were discussing why cannabis should be made legal, or why it should not be.  But no matter which side […]