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  • 9 Powerful Strategies Of Twitter App Marketing

    Wracking your brains hard enough to think about the best strategies of Twitter app marketing? Well then, leave all your worries behind and go for these quick hacks that would prove to be the best to bag the viewers’ attention for your app.  You may be wondering why twitter would be an amazing place to […]

  • Market Research For Startups: The Ultimate Way To Success

    For a startup, initial traction is crucial. It opens the door to more investment and growth opportunities. This initial traction is dependent on the product-market fit. If your product provides a solution to target customer’s problems, they would flock around you just to give the product a try.   To achieve that ideal product-market fit ( and […]

  • 6 Hacks Of Achieving The 1 M App Download Feat

    According to Sensortower, the iOS app store and Google Play generated over $39.7 billion revenue for the businesses in the first half of 2019 alone– that’s 15.4% increment. As consumers continue their spending,  more and more businesses are getting their apps. Each day, according to Statista, 6140 new apps are added to the play store.  […]

  • Mobile App Development Trends And Predictions – What To Expect In 2019

    There’s An App For That! If you are a smartphone user, you are most likely to be familiar with this phrase. Mobile applications have changed the way we use a particular service; for almost every category – you will find a solution in your smartphone. Need a cab? Uber/Lyft is there to the rescue. Can’t […]

  • 6 Insane Challenges of Smart Home App Development & How To Solve Them

    During the summer, my team and I were working on this Internet of Things smart home automation project and boy… It all seems nice and easy to let your user unlock their doors from anywhere or adjust the lighting to set the mood up. But a lot of expertise goes into developing a software which […]

  • Thank Us Later – 5 Healthcare App Ideas To Copy Right Away

    [vc_row]Updated on Aug 7, 2019 Healthcare is supposed to be a ‘consumer’ product. But till date, it isn’t! Why? TBH, even today, after such technological advancements, healthcare systems keep patients and doctors from connecting. Let’s take the U.S. for example. Though health spendings for the United States, alone accounts for about one-fifth of their GDP, […]

  • Ready With Your Food Delivery App Plan? Let’s Shortlist The Features!

    Not a long ago, we discussed the two major food delivery models – food delivery aggregators and delivery service with a logistics support. While the aggregator model does not provide the resources needed to deliver meals, the later has the logistics to support deliveries. The features for both the delivery app model will be kind […]

  • 6 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Make A Food Delivery App like GrubHub

    [vc_row]Updated on Aug 8, 2019 Hungry? Get a pizza delivered in just 30 minutes! I instantly get a solution to my tummy cravings. Millennials like me are unlikely to cook and more towards ordering pizza, burger, pasta or fries from a food joint – binge-watching their favorite show on Netflix. In short, convenience is what […]

  • The Updated Way To Build An MVP App For Your Startup

    [vc_row]Updated on Aug 16, 2019 Whistles, claps, and cheers! You are celebrating your dream app going live with a pop of champagne! The happiness of going live is colossal. Finally, you achieved it – your app has landed in the app store and you feel like landing on Mars! And Bam! You wake up from […]

  • Complete Guide To The Next Big iOS App For Your Startup

    “The app market is saturated. Chances of monetization is just too low! It’s safer on the WEB.” Ask any startupreneurs about their plan and 3 out of 5 will tell you this. But I am still confused about this ‘saturation’. How is the app ecosystem considered saturated within its 6 years span? Whereas web has […]